IRYD Executives and Board Members Pay Courtesy Call to Minister James Kabarebe

IRYD Executives and Board Members Pay Courtesy Call to Minister James Kabarebe

Kigali, Rwanda | Last Updated: December 22, 2017 2:52 PM GMT+2

The International Rwanda Youth for Development (IRYD) executive team and board members paid a courtesy call to James Kabarebe, Rwanda’s Minister of Defence. This meeting is a follow-up on the recent November 18, 2017 Rwanda Youth Convention where Minister Kabarebe was Guest of Honour.


James Kabarebe, Rwanda Minister of Defence with IRYD executives and board members

The youth convention was co-organized by IRYD and partners including the Government of Rwanda, the Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth (CARY), the Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA) Edmonton and friends of Rwanda. At the Edmonton convention, Minister Kabarebe inspired Rwandan youth in an interactive conversation where he shared on the role of youth in Rwanda’s past, present and future transformation. The event was the first of its kind and attracted over 1300 participants drawn from Rwandan-Canadians and their friends in Canada.

Today’s courtesy call meeting which took place at the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Kigali highlighted continued positive partnership between the Government of Rwanda and IRYD. Minister Kabarebe reiterated on the government’s commitment to continue working with the youth abroad. Specifically, the government’s focus on positively supporting the youth to share knowledge, business-professional networks and our common Rwandan identity.

About IRYD

The International Rwanda Youth for Development – IRYD (‘I Ride’) is an independent youth forum on the development of Rwanda. Based in Montreal (QC), with a chapter in Edmonton (AB), Canada, and open to the world, IRYD provides an avenue for Rwandan youth, Rwandan and Canadian leaders, the Rwandan Community Abroad and friends of Rwanda across the globe to discuss issues, propose solutions and implement resolutions on the development of Rwanda. IRYD is formally registered as a non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Founded by Moses Gashirabake and Jaures Habineza in 2015, IRYD’s main mission is to continue to stimulate the involvement of fellow Rwandan youth and friends in the development of Rwanda and host countries. By engaging Rwandan youth and their leaders in development-oriented topics, IRYD aims to inspire over 10,000 young people to start businesses in Rwanda and host countries on the year’s heading to vision 2030 and contribute through other ways in social and economic development. The founders became even more convinced following their December 2014 visit to Rwanda, where they met with and were directly inspired by H.E. President Paul Kagame’s focus on youth and the role they can play in economic development through entrepreneurship.

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